FaceX analytics

FaceX analytics is an Intelligent Data Analytics Platform developed using cutting edge A.I. technology and our industry leading FaceX face recognition technology. Built with the latest A.I. and biometric technologies, FaceX analytics can help you transform your data into new invaluable insight and unlock your full business potential.

A.I. Face Recognition

                    +Intelligent Data Analysis


5 Key Highlights

· Advance A.I. Algorithm

   Simultaneous comparison of 106 facial elements resulting in an astonishingly high accuracy rate

· Rapid Face Recognition *

   Industry leading speed of 0.3 seconds

· Privacy and Security

   FaceX analytics is built on our 20 years’ professional experience in the management security industry. All images and data are directly under your sole

   control and can be backed up or deleted anytime

· A.I. Deep Learning

   Utilizes cutting-edge AI deep learning to distinguish between age, race, gender, facial features and facial expressions

· Works with Existing CCTVs

   FaceX analytics can be installed using your existing CCTV cameras*. The all-in-one platform thus providing a simple and more cost effective solution

* Subject to minimum specifications


Real-Time Heat Map                                                                               Aggregate Data with One Click



· Visitor Analytics

   Real-time heat maps and data analysis of visitors by demographics, gender and age

· Visitor Tracking

   Visitors location tracking in real time with live tracing on e-Map

· VIP Lists

   Customize VIP and blacklist face database and get notified when they visit

· Event Management

   Quick face registration for events and evaluate event statistics

· Statistical Reports

   Detailed statistical charts and reports by e.g. location, time, gender, age, VIPs






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