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Integrated Corporation is a Trusted Leader in Security Access Control Systems. From being a pioneer of smartcard technologies to today’s biometric solutions, such as the latest face recognition and fingerprint security, we strive to offer you the broadest range of options to unlock the next door to your new opportunities.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a security practice that systematizes the personnel or entity that can access or use resources in a regulated environment. The resources in question may be of sensitive or secured nature and access control is a fundamental concept in security and corporate management that minimizes risk to the business or organization.

Why is Access Control Important?

From a physical perspective, an access control system limits access to rooms, buildings, campuses, facilities and physical assets, ensuring that the pre-specified level of security is maintained in an organization.

A well designed electronic access control systems utilizes user credentials, access card readers, cameras, biometric readers, auditing and reports to track individual or employee access to restricted business locations and secured areas, such as data centers, filing or records room. With Integrated Corporation’s access control systems, these facilities can be fitted with access control panels, turnstiles or speedgates to restrict entry to specific rooms and buildings as well as alarms and access locks to prevent unauthorized access or operations.

Key Benefit of Access Control Systems

1. A clear record of all entries and exits by all persons at all times
2. Secure private and confidential assets and data
3. Keep track of employees even during odd hours
4. Reduce theft and retain evidence
5. No more keys and keeping track of copies of keys

Types of Access Control: Which is Right for Your Organisation?

Access control systems can be classified in three ways: Role-Based Access Control or Rule-Based Access Control (RBAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Discretionary Access Control (DAC). They vary in their levels of security and stringency.

RBAC is widely acknowledged as the most secure and systematic type of access control system. In RBAC systems, access rights are assigned by a designated system administrator. Rights assigned are strictly based on the subject’s role within the organization defined by their job responsibilities. Rather than assigning access rights to suit an individual, the relevant job position already has pre-determined access control permissions assigned to it. When a new employee joins, the system administrator simply follows a standard workflow and assigns the appropriate rights to the person with the specific job title. This not only removes any ad-hoc variations in the assignment of rights, but also greatly speeds up administration and introduces more transparency and consistency across the board. For these reasons, RBAC is the preferred choice for governments, military, large organizations or those with a rapidly growing team size.

MAC is a model of access control in which the owner of the resource does not get to determine who gets to access it, but instead access is decided by someone who has the authority to set access on resources. MAC is therefore usually deployed in organizations where access rights are not determined by the site owner, but by a central authority such as the government, military or organization headquarters. Each user will typically be required to carry permits or labels which designate their level of access rights.

DAC allows an individual complete control over each person’s access right. The system can allow right holders to authorize others or pass on the access rights on a discretionary basis. It is often thought of as the most flexible type of access control system, but also the least systematic and secure design.

Integrated Corporation’s Access Control Systems

Integrated’s access control systems specialize in RBAC and MAC systems. Our systems perform identification, authentication and authorization of users and entities by evaluating required security credentials that can include smartcards, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans such as face, fingerprint or palm, real-time generated QR codes or other authentication factors. Multi-factor authentication, which requires two or more authentication factors, is often an important part of layered defense to protect access control systems. Our integrated solution performs security controls by identifying an individual or entity, verifying that the person is who they claim to be, and authorizing the access level and set of actions associated with the person granted access rights.

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What are Access Control Cards?

Access control cards work in conjunction with an access control system to grant or restrict access as required. Most access cards look similar to a credit card or ID card. Typically, an access card also has a photo of the person assigned the access right for ease of verification by security personnel. 

Types of Access Control Cards

Although access control cards typically look similar, there are a number of different types of cards and standards. They also vary in their security levels and cost. Some common examples are contactless smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and barcode cards. Contactless smart cards offer a higher security level and are more robust against data theft, duplication or cloning. 

Examples of contactless smart cards include MIFARE Classic, iClass, Proximity, DESFire and FeliCa. Each card format varies in its encryption technology and frequency. For example, iClass cards are equipped with encryption and mutual authentication, it is therefore thought to be more secure than 13.56 Mhz MIFARE Classic cards or 125 kHz Proximity cards. DESFire offers further improved flexibility and security with modern encryption technology but can be hindered by its relatively higher cost. 

Integrated Corporation’s Access Control Card

Multi-factor Security Access Control Systems

Many organizations choose to use smart cards combined with a second authentication factor to boost the security of their access control systems. Integrated Corporation can help you design a multi-factor security feature to suit your organization such as PIN + Card, Face + Card, or even NFC + Face. Our goal is to design the perfect solution for you in order to help your organization eliminate the risks of card data theft, cloning or impersonation associated with simple smart card access control solutions.

Decades of Professional Experience

Integrated Corporation has over 20 years’ experience in providing professional Access Control Systems and security to local and global enterprises, government bodies and educational institutions, including a large number of Fortune Global 500 companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Intel, Lenovo, HSBC, Nike, Pfizer, IKEA, Carlsberg, Xerox and Cigna

Security, Robustness and Flexibility

We believe that a first class access control system must embody three important elements: security, robustness and flexibility to suit the client’s unique business environment.

With decades of R&D  and industry experience, we can provide your organization with the products and technology you need to deliver the access control system you can rely on for years to come.

Powerful Face Recognition Technology

Our latest facial recognition capability could be installed with your existing CCTV cameras offering a cost effective way to add a number of powerful new security features to your security system. With the ultra-smart AI, the system simultaneously compares 106 facial elements with an industry-leading accuracy rate of over 99%. Our system can also be tailored to include blacklisted personnel and other sophisticated features.

Solid Customer Support Service 

We have five regional offices across China including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhongshan and a service network of 200+ covering the major cities across China ensuring that you will receive the same professional support wherever you are.


Key Features

    • Cutting-edge technology that provides the highest level of security and convenience in security access control
    • Pre-sales consultation with your team to gain an insight into your unique business environment and concerns
    • Comprehensive customer support network – peace of mind for years to come
    • Support for a wide range of technologies, including face + fingerprint recognition and smartcards (iCLASS, MIFARE, EMx and more)
    • Access control system can be integrated with your existing HR and management platforms to streamline your operational efficiency


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