We have decades of experience in working with educational institutions including universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens. We can offer innovative security solutions to match the unique challenges of campuses of any scale.

Securing a large educational facility campus is a daunting challenge

Often campus security units have limited resources and are stretched thin in order to deal with real-time tasks such as screening visitors, alerting security breaches, as well as crimes, ranging from fights, theft, burglary to sexual assault.

Being confronted with such a demanding scope of responsibilities can often leave campus security teams with no choice but to reserve resources to act only after a crime or incident has been reported.

Heightened security concerns around the globe

However, a safe learning environment is the single most important priority for a school.

With escalating incidents of security breaches being highlighted in the media around the world, parents and students are demanding more robust security from their schools and universities.

Security solution tailored for education

Educational institutions around the world are now increasingly in need of a comprehensive and fortified security solution to address the heightened security risks and responsibilities they face today. 

At Integrated, we offer a range of products and solutions which can be tailored to suit your institution’s needs.



Key Features

  • Campus security monitoring and integrated CCTV systems
  • Face recognition technology makes school management admin easier than ever:
    • Attendance recording for classes – paperless and swift
    • Examination candidate’s face I.D. – additional layer of security and photo record 
    • Activity room bookings – no more cards or heavy keys, and never lose another key
    • Dormitories and curfew management
    • Blacklisting of individuals and flagging of high risk groups with face recognition
  • Mobile tablet app enabling mobile attendance taking on-the-go wherever whenever
  • Location tracking of students:
    • Parents can check the physical location of their children within campus throughout the school day
    • Push notification can be sent to parents when a child has entered or exited the campus
    • Easy operation via secure mobile app and dedicated browser platform
  • Electronic wallet:
    • All-in-one student I.D., library card and an electronic payment card
    • Check and top-up account online or via secure mobile app
    • Alerts can be sent to parents when their child’s card balance is low
    • Supports WeChat Pay
  • Green technology – smart energy, water saving and resource management system




iScholar Smart Campus Management

Built on our decades of experience working with educational institutions and our strong R&D capabilities, iScholar is our latest smart school management platform which can help simplify the management of your campus.

iScholar Smart Campus Management can help schools respond to the coronavirus threat with A.I.

Our iScholar Smart Campus Management platform provides a variety of powerful tools to help tackle the risk of coronavirus and other diseases. These include thermal temperature scans, face recognition, advance temperature monitoring and alarms, accurate real-time reporting, push notification, track and trace and other comprehensive modules. Schools can instantly detect and isolate small outbreaks of abnormal temperature, the consistent rapid screening of students further strengthens the school’s epidemic prevention management and lowers the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. These in turn help maintain the normal running of the school whilst effectively protecting the lives, health, and safety of teachers and students.


Non-contact infrared temperature scan

Campus coronavirus prevention and control solution



Attendance for students and teachers


Supports campus information


Encourage a collaborative culture


Supports elective course systems


Core Advantages

Detection scan     Face Recognition Attendance     Class scheduling     Interaction with Parents

Temperature notification       Pay with face         Moving class attendance       WeChat push




       iScholar Smart Campus Management                    iWave for Schools & Colleges                    iWave XL Guardian for Kindergartens