FaceX Face Recognition System

FaceX is an Intelligent Face Recognition Module under iPlatform. Equipped with the latest professionalgrade biometric technology, our ultra-accurate facial recognition security system works seamlessly with our powerful state-of-the-art security management systems, including access control, attendance recording, CCTV video streaming, catering, electronic payment, building management, parking, crowd control, alarms and green technology, to provide a genuinely comprehensive and cutting-edge security system capable of being tailored exactly to your organization’s requirements.



Artificial Intelligence ╳ Face Recognition =

      Intelligent Face Recognition System


5 Key Highlights

· Advance AI Algorithm

   Simultaneous comparison of 106 facial elements resulting in an astonishingly high accuracy rate

· Fast Recognition*

   Face recognition time of 0.3 seconds

· Powerful Real-Time Alert

   Automatic identification of abnormal activities, preset high-risk groups and real-time alarm.

· High Security Level

   Unique liveness detection technology

· Advanced AI Technology

   Utilizes AI deep learning to distinguish between age, race, sex, facial features and facial expressions.

*Total system reaction time will depend on structure and quality of customer communication system.



Main Features

· Face Attendance

   Captures real-time faces for attendance

· Face Access Control

   Captures, compares and authorizes access

· Personnel Management

   Location tracking, time-zone setting, tracing on e-Map

· VIP Management

   Customize VIP and blacklist face database

· Sign-in Management

   Quick face registration

· Visitor Management

   Online pre-authorization of visitors



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