FaceX Gate QR FXQ1

  • Face recognition access control and attendance
  • QR code reader
  • Gate open/close speed control
  • Infrared detection system to eliminate unauthorized access and tailgating
  • Automatic people counting and reports
  • Remote control available
  • High grade 316 stainless steel body
  • Supports alarm system integrated
  • Automatic opening in case of emergency or power outage

FaceX Access FXA-D4

  • 支持人臉考勤,抓拍實名考勤
  • 支持屏幕顯示內容配置
  • 支持識別距離配置
  • 支持設備遠程升級
  • 寬動態雙目攝像頭
  • 7英寸,全視角,170°IPS 液晶屏
  • IP42 標準的防塵防水功能
  • 支持有線、無線(2.4G WiFi)、無線(4G網卡,USB 外接)
  • 全鋁合金外殼

人臉平板 FXA-D2

  • 支持人臉考勤,抓拍實名考勤
  • 支持活體檢測
  • 支持 IC 卡外接設備
  • 雙目,可見光+紅外850nm,200萬寬動態
  • 8寸全視角高亮顯示屏
  • 內置揚聲器
  • 以太網 RJ45延長線,支持人臉數據下載上傳
  • 安裝方式有壁掛式、桌面式、立式、閘機式多種可選

Home Guard H1

  • Face recognition technology
  • Supports two-factor authentication (face / access card / password)
  • Wireless standalone operation without the need for hard-wiring or backend software
  • Vibrant full color touch screen viewable even in harsh outdoor environments and poor light conditions
  • TCPIP, Wifi, Bluetooth and RS422 enabled
  • Supports face attendance and face access control
  • Instant photo capturing for attendance recording
  • Duress code and tamper-proof support
  • Supports Mifare, Mifare+, HID, iClass, CPU and Desfire

FingerScan FA1

  • BioNANO smart algorithm
  • Touch activation
  • PoE (with door lock)
  • Simple installation
  • Touch panel keypad with back light
  • Tamper protection
  • Waterproof (IP53)
  • Supports door alarm

FingerScan F1

  • Industry-leading fingerprint verification technology
  • The powerful sensor can capture and process fingerprint images even in challenging working conditions
  • Matching and authentication in an instant
  • Smart sensing technology capable of capturing both wet and dry fingerprints
  • Live finger detection
  • Supports two-factor authentication (e.g. PIN + fingerprint, access card + fingerprint)

FingerScan F3

  • Fingerprints are captured at an impressive 500dpi resolution
  • Rapid verification and high accuracy rate
  • Can be added to existing PC based machines and complex network systems
  • USB Plug and Play

FingerScan F5

  • Superb verification accuracy for fingers in all shapes and sizes
  • Resilient even under harsh working environments with moisture, dust, liquid and water proof standard IP67
  • Live finger detection
  • Impact resistant achieving IK08 standard
  • Supports two-factor authentication (access card + fingerprint)


  • Professional grade facial recognition identification built with patented technologies
  • Robust against image hacking through 3D masks, color or infrared image hacking
  • Dynamic AI learning technology which can learn user facial changes over time
  • Rapid facial authentication speed of 1 second
  • Extraordinarily precise 99.999% accuracy rate
  • Fully automatic user height detection and accommodates 60+/- cm height differences

DigiFACE FS600

  • Dynamic AI learning technology which can learn user facial changes over time
  • Super rapid facial authentication time of less than 1 second
  • Extraordinarily precise 99.999% accuracy rate
  • Reliable recognition even under challenging lighting conditions
  • Control and manage via internet browser or Central Management Software
  • Enhanced security features such as encryption and anti-DoS attack