Attendance Systems

Attendance, shifts and payroll management must be compliant with local laws. At Integrated, we have industry-leading experience with helping clients build innovative solutions to accommodate their unique and sometimes highly intricate working shifts and payroll structures. We can confidently say that we are right at the forefront of the industry in this field.

Time and Attendance Systems

Whether your organization has a straightforward attendance system or different groups of staff with a multitude of shifts, overtime rates, salary structure and schedules, it is important that your work shift and attendance system is up-to-date, accurate and compliant with the relevant local labor laws.  At Integrated, we can offer you industry-leading advice and technical capabilities to help you set up your attendance and working hours management system to suit your organization’s needs. 


How does Integrated’s attendance system work?

Integrated’s intelligent time and attendance system captures staff “time-in” and “time-out” data instantly and stores the data in a centralized database for you. Our system combines the latest biometrics technology with conventional smartcard systems together with a comprehensive management software platform. For example, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, QR code, PIN and smartcards all are available options with Integrated’s attendance platform. Integrated’s time attendance system can also be fully customized to create multiple shift patterns with different overtime and lateness rules.The personnel management system can be setup with detailed personnel shift data, and can generate various attendance reports to calculate the daily, weekly or monthly salaries and bonuses of employees. Integrated’s attendance system eliminates the inaccuracies and inconvenience of old electronic systems and takes human error out of the equation all together, making work attendance recording and schedule management a breeze.

Integrated has more than 29 years of experience in the development of attendance and access control software and hardware in Hong Kong, our system can ensure that your personnel data and records are kept safely and securely over a long time span.


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Key Features

  • Cutting-edge solutions for even the most complicated working shift schedules, overtime and payroll structures
  • Help you ensure full compliance with labor laws of Hong Kong SAR for temporary and casual payroll workers and leavers
  • Collects data about staff attendance and hours worked fast, accurately and cost effectively
  • Face recognition and fingerprint biometric technology ensures the correct personnel is recorded each time
  • Get an accurate picture of time use for the entire organization thereby achieving better work allocation – see who is busy and who has capacity
  • Provides managers with valuable data when evaluating employee performance
  • Eliminates security risk due to a key or smartcard belonging to an ex-employee has been unrecovered


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