iPlatform Smart Security Management

Built with enhanced security, versatility and reliability in mind, iPlatform is a powerful management and security solution specially designed for large and global enterprises that often face demanding requirements across multiple applications, including complex third party hardware applications.

iPlatform’s sophisticated multi-tier architecture and pioneering AI technology enable astonishingly rapid data transmission and processing speeds. Its flexibility also means that the system is enormously scalable and can accommodate a vast number of access points across different geographical locations. As iPlatform supports both standard and tailor-made applications, compatibility and integration across enterprise locations and network applications have never been easier.

Precision. Flexibility. Scalability.


designed with your management needs in mind



Main Features

  • A powerful real-time security management platform for enterprise use
  • Supports the latest biometric technologies including facial recognition and fingerprint verification
  • Supports both industry standard and tailor-made applications, including Access Control, Attendance, POS, Patrol,
    Lift Control, CCTV, e-Map, Alarm, Real-time Security Monitoring, Car Park, Service Subscription and third party applications
  • Flexible and modularized design enabling an expanding network of access points
  • Multiple time zones definition and grouping
  • Supports electronic payment, WeChat Pay, CPU cards and more
  • Real-time interactive e-Map with data streaming and monitoring
  • Access and download attendance reports via mobile app
  • Supports ONVIF video interface standard
  • Easy personnel data entry and information sharing
  • Registration server for hardware device, authorization, event subscription and notification
  • Supports SMS notification
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Adheres to W3C standards

Applicable Industries





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