Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

‘Security and management of a hotel is always a challenge, especially in a hotel of this size.’

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel is a luxury hotel under the Marriott Group which has more than 6,000 properties in 122 countries and territories worldwide. The Renaissance Harbour View Hotel has 800 guest rooms and a total of 42 floors. The hotel also has a number of facilities such as meeting rooms, business center and restaurants.

Given the vast size of the Habour View Hotel and its high security requirement, the hotel turned to Integrated for a professional access control system that would offer them the highest level of security with a user-friendly centralized system for management.

To assess the risks and to ensure that the hotel is properly secured, our consultants and engineers carefully surveyed the hotel property including all back entrances to the property, access points and restricted areas on every floor of the property. As the hotel was very centrally located, it was imperative that all back entrances were restricted to authorized personnel only.

Our solution package, amongst other features, included the following key points specific to the hotel’s unique requirements:

  • Expert advice on locations which would benefit from access control and surveillance
  • Deployment of professional security access control devices in key risk points identified
  • Doors and access points integrated with a real-time alarm system
  • Real-time alarm reporting
  • Ultra stable centralized system as the hotel is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week