Karl Storz

‘Integrated are working with Karl Storz to pioneer the next generation of medical training facilities.’

Karl Storz are Europe’s largest manufacturer of medical and surgical instruments with headquarters in Germany. With a long history as a leading supplier in the medical instrument industry, Karl Storz take quality and reliability very seriously in everything they seek to do. And when they were looking to build their new training center and offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, Karl Storz turned to Integrated to help them engineer a truly state-of-the-art smart building.

Our engineers worked very closely with Karl Storz’s team and designed a comprehensive solution specifically for their needs.

Some of the key features were:

  • Face Recognition Access Control System: For surgeons, keeping their hands and instruments clean and sterile upon entering the operating theater is of utmost importance. With Integrated’s industry leading face recognition system, surgeons and trainees can swiftly access the authorized operating theaters and training rooms hands-free by simply using their face as their new key. This means that surgeons no longer need to waste time re-sterilizing their hands multiple times and is a major improvement on traditional card and fingerprint access systems.
  • Room Booking System: A fast and easy to use room booking system allows users to make and change bookings for operating theaters and training rooms instantly at any time of the day. Emergency surgeries can be scheduled with just a few clicks.
  • Information Management System: Medical information and data generated during surgery and operations can be securely uploaded for doctors’ and authorized personnel’s reference. The central database can be backed up according to the data requirement.
  • Visitor Access System: The system also takes care of visitors or third parties who visit the Karl Storz’s site for training and meetings, granting them the correct access rights and the smart system guides the visitors inside the building with live information.
  • Catering System: Integrated’s comprehensive access management system ensures that catering and purchases on site can be managed efficiently through a secure electronic wallet with a user’s credit balance and payment records easily accessible at their finger tips.