Entrance Control

FaceX Gate QR FXQ1

FaceX Gate QR is an all-in-one face recognition speedgate access control solution perfect for commercial buildings, airports, campuses, factories and event facilities. FaceX Gate QR combines Integrated’s FaceX face recognition, QR code and speedgate access control technologies to deliver a reliable and efficient solution for today’s fast moving work environment.

FaceX Gate QR can confidently handle faces, dynamic QR codes with mobile app and traditional smart cards. Another truly unique feature of FaceX Gate QR is that it gives users the flexibility to choose between two modes of FaceX’s powerful face recognition engine: built-in or cloud-based.

Regardless of the operation mode chosen, FaceX Gate QR enables identification in real-time and rapid speed. With FaceX, our AI algorithm verifies the identity of the user instantly and accurately. Entry and exit points can be controlled more effectively to prevent unauthorized access, tailgating and identity fraud.

Main Features

  • Gate open/close speed control
  • Infrared detection system to eliminate unauthorized access and tailgating
  • Automatic people counting and reports
  • Remote control available
  • High grade 316 stainless steel body
  • Supports alarm system integrated
  • Automatic opening in case of emergency or power outage
  • QR Guard QR code reader – Click for details