Multi Door Controller CU/MD-16

The CU/SD-16 is a good choice for controlling the doors with in/out access control by TCP/IP. It can link up to two way card readers and is capable of storing 130,000 card user’s information and their access record. CU/SD-16 provides real-time system monitoring. By virtue of its point-to-point encryption technology, the controller offers an extremely high level of protection for data transfer and storage for enterprises which are highly security conscious.

Key Features

  • Capable of storing up to 130,000 card users, 180,000 access records and 8,000 alarm records
  • Supports combination of multiple card readers, Multiple communication modes: RS422 and Wiegand readers
  • Each door supports 2 card readers
  • Supports anti-pass back function
  • Supports RS422 and Wiegand
  • Supports TCP/IP connection
  • TCP/IP or IAP programming
  • Thunder/static electricity protection