Unmanned store “Futureland” by Eslite x AlipayHK has opened at Taikoo!


We are excited to announce that the unmanned store “Futureland” by Eslite x AlipayHK has opened at Taikoo!


Following our recent ground breaking project of participating in the Hong Kong’s first unmanned store in history, we at Integrated have again made history today through this first ever unmanned store with Eslite, AlipayHK and EFT Payments(Asia)Limited. We believe that technology is transforming the retail scene and we are proud to be one of the earliest adopters and advocates of technology in the enhancement consumers’ shopping experience.  


Grand opening of “FUTURELAND” @ Taikoo


Last September, we at Integrated also helped AlipayHK and EFT Payments(Asia) Limited build the very first unmanned store in Hong Kong. Since then, the deployment of self-checkout, contactless payment and face recognition technologies in shops have made a significant stir.  Hong Kong consumers are also increasingly exploring new kinds of shopping experience.


So what cool features can you see at the Futureland unmanned store?


Fully automatic gate @ Futureland


Want to find out more about a book, snack pack or an item from the shelves? Pick it up and the A.I. helper will tell you more about the item. When you are ready to checkout, simply walk to the unmanned checkout booth. Integrated’s checkout booth automatically detects the items for checkout and shows you the breakdown and total balance. Tap on the AlipayHK app on your phone and pay with your Alipay account or credit card.  The whole process takes less than 2 minutes to complete.


Wide range of “Eslite” products


Futureland makes use of the latest generation of  (RFID) technology. This solution has the advantage of flexibility and cost efficiency — simply attach a lightweight RFID tag to your products, they can be of any size or dimension. Integrated’s carefully calibrated RFID receptors accurately calculate and assess the number of items and their value in real time at checkout to ensure 100% accuracy. 


Customer checkout


Also worth mentioning is that this time the product range from Eslite includes a few somewhat challenging items for traditional RFID technology such as liquids and semi-solids. We are proud to say that we have perfected our RFID technology to overcome all kinds of tricky working environment!


Recognition of liquids and semi-solids


Come and visit us at Taikoo! We would love for you to experience our new technologies for yourself and do let us know how you find it! 


Eslite x AlipayHK Futureland

Date: Open until 17 March 2019

Place: Taikoo Plaza 1 Atrium