Built with enhanced security, versatility and reliability in mind, iPlatform is a powerful software solution specially designed for large and global enterprises that often face demanding requirements across multiple applications, including complex third party hardware applications.

iPlatform’s sophisticated multi-tier architecture enables astonishingly rapid data transmission and processing speeds. Its flexibility also means that the system is enormously scalable and can accommodate a vast number of access points across different geographical locations. As iPlatform supports both standard and tailor-made applications, compatibility and integration across enterprise locations and network applications have never been easier.

iPlatform also offers an innovative cloud-based option which combines the power and performance of iPlatform with the convenience and flexibility of cutting-edge cloud-based technology. Enterprise users can login to iPlatform Cloud anytime anywhere through both mobile devices or desktop PCs. This unique feature allows managers to perform access control operations from any location at any time of the day to suit their business needs.

Main Features

  • A powerful real-time security management platform for enterprise use
  • Supports both industry standard and tailor-made applications, including Access Control, Attendance, POS, Car Park, Patrol, Lift Control, CCTV, e-Map, Alarm, Real-time Security Monitoring, Service Subscription and third party applications
  • Flexible and modularized design enabling an expanding network of access points
  • With iPlatform Cloud option:
    • Combines the flexibility of innovative cloud-based technology with a powerful real-time security management platform
    • Open platform allowing plug-in integration with third party hardware, including door controllers, readers and other devices
    • Say good-bye to separate purchases of on-premises software, server hardware and data backup devices with our simple and economic subscription service
    • Comprehensive data backup twice daily – automatic and effortless
    • Enabling access control operations anytime anywhere via latest cloud-based technology (including real-time monitoring, card provisioning, staff management, shift management, report generation and hardware management) through mobile devices and desktop PCs
  • Multiple time zones definition and grouping
  • Supports electronic payment, WeChat Pay, CPU cards and more
  • Real-time interactive e-Map with data streaming and monitoring
  • Access and download attendance reports via mobile app
  • Supports ONVIF video interface standard
  • Easy personnel data entry and information sharing
  • Registration server for hardware device, authorization, event subscription and notification
  • Supports SMS notification
  • Multilingual user interface