Smart-Office IoT

Smart Office





IoT technology brings together a wide range of new tools and devices, allowing your workplace to be managed and monitored in real-time maximizing office resources whilst strengthening security with multi-factor security, AI technology and biometric ID.



Energy Saving – Go Green!


Cutting down energy and resource consumption isn’t just green and responsible, it can also cut down your energy bills substantially. Smart devices can help you control energy consumption of your lights, air conditioners, power sockets as well as monitor the environmental status of your workplace, helping you maintain the perfect temperature, humidity, air quality (PM2.5, CO2, CO), air hygiene, and lighting condition. For example, lights and air-conditioning automatically switch off when a meeting ends, lights only stay on when there are people in the room. Overall energy consumption is reduced significantly just by making a few smart moves!



IoT Open Office Space


iPlatform intelligently combines IoT and AI technologies to help free up precious office space and resources with smart room booking, workspace desk booking, smart lockers, equipment hiring and smart power sockets. Bookings can be done on users’ mobile phones. Utilization rates and big data analysis of each resource can be monitored in real-time on the platform allowing your building manager to forge the most productive collaboration environment for your teams.


  • Check room and desk availability from the floor plan map on your mobile or PC
  • Release unused rooms or desk in real-time, maximize office resource utilization
  • Lights, air-conditioning, smart TV auto on/off
  • Visitor registration and bookings made easy and paperless





AI Smart Security


An AI security system offers numerous benefits over traditional style lock and key solutions. iPlatform allows you to monitor the number of employees and visitors in your space using smart cards, devices as well as face recognition technology. The system can also alert you when a potential threat or unwanted visitor appears and track their movements. iPlatform offers professional level access control security as well as sophisticated attendance management.


  • Real-time AI-built in CCTV system for security and peace of mind
  • Face recognition and biometric security
  • Tailor the system with specific alerts and reporting







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