Interwert has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of advanced access control systems. Our elite team continues to innovate in both hardware and software development to create a wide range of patented technologies and security products that are designed for safety, functionality, Outreach, forward-looking in all aspects of their peers, winning year after year.

Over the past 20 years, we have served more than 2,000 clients, including many of the world’s top 500 enterprises. In order to provide our clients with safer, better, more personalized solutions, Intervet is committed to customers to carry out a new system of professional custom services. We will use our unique InteBrick Solution based on the nature of your industry and the needs of your business. Through a scientific market analysis, we will provide you with a tailor-made, proprietary security solution.

The entire service The process is fast, easy and free, and you just sit in your office to enjoy the full service and security benefits of Intervet, allowing you to focus more on the core business of your business. We are committed to customer commitment, the pursuit of perfection of product quality and performance, service range upgraded Intervet, will provide you with more professional, more comprehensive professional custom technical support.