SF Express

‘It gives us an immense sense of satisfaction to know that we are helping our clients deliver.’

Rapidly expanding client business

SF Express is a major delivery services company established in Shenzhen but with network across Greater China (including Hong Kong), Korean, Japan, Singapore, Europe and USA.

Extensive number of personnel

One of the unusual challenges faced by the business was the management of its enormous number of personnel across its sprawling network, most of whom require high frequency and rapid access to a vast number of control points throughout the day.

Flexibility and Integration

During our Pre-sales Consultation with the SF Express team, our team of system consultants and engineers discussed their unique technical requirements and offered a flexible management solution to tackle the practical issues faced by them and to handle their growing personnel database comprehensively.


Our solution for SF Express was a state-of-the-art integrated system with the following unique features:

  • Construction of over 150 monitored access points in retail outlets and offices
  • Face capture technology for couriers and staff attendance recording at access points
  • Smart integration with SF Express’ existing HR database boosting management efficiency
  • Integrated system handles 30,000 personnel records every day
  • Stable system operation robust against high traffic and complex records processing
  • Elegant hardware design to suit retail outlet professional image