Lingnan University

‘Integrated takes great pride in supporting this leading Hong Kong university over the last 10 years.’

With more than 9,000 students, 1,000 staff members and over 200 rooms in 30 buildings on campus, Lingnan University is one of the leading universities in Hong Kong and was rated as a “Top 10 Asian Liberal Arts Colleges” by Forbes.


Over the last 10 years, Integrated have worked closely with Lingnan University and have helped the university design and engineer one of the most advanced and pioneering education access management systems in the industry.

Key features in use by the university:

From the university’s sophisticated access control system, electronic payment platform, one-click room booking system to accommodation management, we provide a truly integrated smart solution expertly tailored to suit the needs of this dynamic institution.

  • Industry leading access control system designed with education institutions in mind
  • Sports facilities and room booking online
  • Class attendance recording with contactless technology
  • Mobile attendance recording at any location around the campus with Integrated’s innovative mobile tablet “FROG”
  • Electronic wallet and cashless transactions in the campus’ cafeteria, bookshop, laundry services, convenience store and more
  • Green technology smart system: air-conditioning, lights and water usage statistics and control
  • Fire safety integration
  • Sophisticated accommodation and hostel security management for over 200 rooms