The Education University of Hong Kong

‘Our aim was to help create a safe and efficient working environment for our future educators.’

With its roots tracing back to 1853, the Education University of Hong Kong is one of the oldest educational institutions in Hong Kong and it is also the only higher education institution dedicated to teacher training in the jurisdiction. The university has over 8,600 students, 1,100 staff and occupies substantial campus grounds in Tai Po.

During our Pre-sales Consultation with the university, our team carefully reviewed the university’s campus site and existing staff management system. Our solution package, amongst other features, included the following key points specific to the university’s unique requirements:

  • Expert advice on locations which would benefit from access control and surveillance
  • Enterprise grade access control management system
  • Point-to-point encryption technology in all data communications across system
  • Sophisticated staff attendance recording and HR management system
  • Unlimited shift table and roster table definitions
  • Real-time encrypted data upload (e.g. status, events and transactions)
  • Deployment of Java EE n-Tier architecture to achieve enterprise-grade extensibility and scalability