‘Our growing partnership with Cigna is a testimony to our strength in the management security industry.’

Cigna are a worldwide health services and insurance organization based in USA with operations in Asia. Being a provider of insurance and financial products, Cigna have very high security requirements. In particular, Cigna required an integrated system that would control access to its buildings, office space, meeting rooms, as well as specific restricted zones for authorized personnel.

During our Pre-Sales Consultation with the Cigna team, our engineers identified a number of access points which are of particular security concern to Cigna. Our engineers carefully devised a solution which targeted three core areas for Cigna:

  • Access Control System: Biometric two-factor authentication (fingerprint + card) security at each of the access points in Cigna’s offices. Our engineers made sure that all exit points, including hard to spot back entrances to office spaces are systematically mapped and subject to control.
  • Integrated Alarm System: Access points at the Cigna offices are integrated with a professional alarm system ensuring that any security breaches are monitored and reported in real-time.
  • Attendance Recording System: Attendance recording became fully automatic and electronic. This was made possible by our innovative adjustments to the existing Cigna system through tailor-made modifications to both hardware and software. Management can fully monitor staff attendance times and records, thereby reinforcing control and professional discipline.