‘Integrated has been committed to supporting AEON for over a decade.’

AEON are a retail and financial services corporate group based in Japan with operations all over Asia. Being a provider of financial services, AEON place extremely high standards on their security system. In particular, AEON required an integrated system that would control access to its buildings, office space, meeting rooms, as well as computer access for their staff.

Due to the complexity of bridging AEON’s existing system with their new security requirements, AEON turned to Integrated for a comprehensive security solution. Our engineers carefully devised a solution which targeted three prime areas of concern for AEON:

  • Access Control System: on each of the 60 plus access points in AEON’s multiple offices. Our engineers made sure that all exit points, including hard to spot back entrances to office spaces are systematically mapped and subject to control.
  • Attendance Recording System: became fully automatic and electronic. This was made possible by our innovative adjustments to the existing AEON system through tailor-made modifications to both hardware and software. Management can fully monitor staff attendance times and records, thereby reinforcing control and professional discipline.
  • SSO Security: Our “InteSign” software tool offers three-factor authentication for each workstation ensuring enterprise level security protection. The system records and generates records of each secured computer login for over 300 workstations. This also gave the AEON IT security team the ability to fully monitor, control and amend access right for any user any time.