Entrance Control

Speed Gate 750M-SG

Our speed gates are an ideal physical security solution due to their combination of high security with the ability to precisely control access for both visitors and employees.

The “750M-SG” combines stylish design with “state-of-the-art” technologies. The Mitsubishi AC motor at the heart of the speed gate has superior output power, excellent heat dissipation and robust durability. Its unique design translates into smooth and ultra quiet operation with precise and swift opening and closing action.

We are confident that our “750M-SG”can satisfy customers looking for a professional quality security solution with uncompromising performance and durability.


Main Features

  • High performance Mitsubishi AC motor
  • MCBF 5,000,000 cycles
  • Ultra compact size: W300 x H960 x D750 mm
  • Status LED in 3 colors (Standby, Open, Reject)
  • 12mm Tempered Glass with anti-damage film
  • Glass LED illumination
  • Quiet operation 55dB
  • Emergency settings available
  • IP level 40


Multiple Color Selection