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QR Code Reader Q350

“Q350” is a professional QR code scanner designed for rapid scanning, high accuracy and versatility. It supports both QR code scanning and card swiping functionalities, offering multiple interfaces including TTL, Wiegand, RS485, RS232, Ethernet, and more. With built-in relays, it allows for remote control and automation management. The “Q350” is user-friendly and serves as the perfect tool for access control, turnstiles, speed gates, visitor QR code scanning, payment systems, and one-time access codes.

Key Features

  • Supports QR codes and smart cards
  • Compatible with QR codes on both mobile phones and paper
  • Lightning-fast precision scanning — as swift as 0.1 seconds
  • System status indicated by red, green, and white lights for clarity
  • Multiple interface support: TTL, Wiegand, RS485, RS232, Ethernet
  • Flush-type design for seamless integration