iWave XL Guardian for Kindergartens

A kindergarten is a buzzing environment full of energy and unique characters. Every day the school campus is visited by students, staff, as well as parents and relatives charged with dropping off or picking up a child before or after school. This can be a real challenge for schools to manage the security as well as the administrative responsibilities on teachers that this can present.

With iWave XL Guardian, students and visitors can be instantly verified with face recognition, guaranteeing that the individual entering the school campus is authorized and the teacher can verify their identify their identity before releasing the child from the school’s care.

iWave XL Guardian put’s a child’s health first
A child that gets earlier appropriate medical intervention tends to recover faster. This also reduces the chances of contagious diseases spreading on the kindergarten campus especially during flu seasons. That is why on arrival at school each day, iWave XL Guardian will check a child’s temperature and flag any abnormality in real-time.

Cultivate their interest in school events
Students and parents can interact with iWave XL Guardian and be notified of school announcements and the latest campus news on competitions, sports, music and achievements on-the-go, helping students and parents grow an active interest in school current events and cultivate a positive attitude to school engagement from an early age.

The iWave XL Guardian is a smart solution we have designed especially to suit kindergartens and their day-to-day needs.


Main Features

  • Real-time checking and recording of temperature data
  • Face recognition attendance
  • Broadcast school news and announcements
  • 21.5 inch brilliant LED anti-scratch color display
  • Cloud Computing management
  • Fully interactive touch screen
  • 200W internal camera with 170 degree wide angle
  • Flexible tailor made modules
  • Android5.1 operation system
  • Supports WiFi,Bluetooth
  •  Supports IC/ID smart cards