Integrated Smart Card Solution - Card Readers

The Frog

Industry-pioneering mobile tablet and app

Integrated’s pioneered “Frog” mobile tablet has set a new milestone in mobile access control security.

The “Frog” integrates professional facial recognition, smart card reading, mobile attendance recording, doorway access, visitor check-list and instant photo capturing functionalities all in one smart solution. All that capability is encased in a slim and lightweight mobile tablet, ready to be deployed anytime, anywhere, on-the-go.

Security, simplicity and efficiency

With the “Frog”, secure data transmission is guaranteed by mutual-authentication between hardware and software as well as secure HTTPS protocol technology, making real-time data sync effortless and secure. The “Frog” is embedded with the reliable NFC and Bluetooth technologies enabling seamless operation without clumsy cabling.

Key Features

  • Access control security ready on-the-go, making events and outdoor functions secure yet easy to manage
  • Cable-free operation via NFC wireless and Bluetooth technologies
  • Real-time synchronisation and sharing of data between the “Frog” and multiple mobile devices and server
  • Secure data transmission through mutual-authentication and HTTPS protocol
  • One for all: face recognition, smart card reading, mobile attendance, doorway access, visitor check-list and instant photo capturing 
  • Supports two-factor authentication (access card + password, access card + face)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connection
  • Android operating system