FaceX patrol

FaceX patrol is using our cutting-edge FaceX A.I. face recognition technology and mobile patrol technology. Supervisors can manage the patrol system more accurately and comprehensively in real-time. FaceX patrol can be tailored exactly to suit your organization’s needs as well.

FaceX patrol can be tailored exactly to suit your organization’s needs as well.

Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition x Mobile Patrol



Bringing A.I. to Security


—————————————————————————   KEY FEATURES     —————————————————————————


Patrol Shift Check-in                                                                                Patrol Point Check-in

Patrollers can check-in before their patrol shift and register                                Easy check-in at each patrol point with face recognition 

their start time simply with a snapshot of their face.                                             through CCTVs.






FaceX patrol is built on our 20 years’ professional experience in the management security industry.

All images and CCTV data are directly under your sole control.



Location Tracking                                                                 Incident Reports

Pin-point exact location of patrollers in real-time on an                 Incident reports can be submitted in text, photos, videos and audio

e-Map and also on the supervisor APP.                                             in real-time. Supervisors can send notifications to patrollers anytime

                                                                                                                  and receive reports on-the-go.


Manage Your Patrol System                                                Patrol Statistics

Customize patroller profiles, shift times and multiple                      Review full statistics such as patrol frequencies, duration, lateness

patrol routes through a user-friendly web browser                           and routes, sorted by patrollers, routes, teams and dates.




—————————————————    FaceX patrol offers multiple security guarantees     —————————————————


· Strong data encryption protection                                                                                                    · Data access authorization protection

· No images or video footage are kept by us                                                                                     · Firewall protection

· Data can be backed up offsite                                                                                                           · 24 Hours 7 days operation





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