Frog Mobile Attendance at Yew Chung International School

Want to check a student’s attendance record?

Do I have any annual leave left?

Can I check my own attendance records?



HR departments are faced with these sorts of questions on a daily basis. 


Integrated’s new generation of mobile attendance security system has been deployed at Yew Chung International School to boost the efficiency and flexibility of student and staff attendance. Our brand new innovative mobile attendance system can help cut down on tiresome paperwork and repetitive administrative tasks faced by HR teams. With the new generation of Frog Mobile Security Management Solution, attendance management, reporting and record query can be done with a simple swipe on a mobile device.



Brand New Frog Mobile Tablet


The brand new Frog Mobile Security Management Solution utilizes cloud computing, IoT and big data technologies. Its slim design makes it highly portable, lightweight, but at the same time is boasts a rating of IP65 making it extraordinarily versatile and robust. 


Frog Key Features



“Frog” combines card reader, mobile attendance, access control, visitor management into a single wireless mobile tablet. It can also capture real-time photos of personnel and perform verification by face recognition. Frog is truly unique in its ability to integrate multiple functionalities in one single slim yet robust device.


— Device Specification —

IP65 Water, Dust, Shock Resistant

Robust Construction

4G Wireless, RFID, NFC

(MIL-STD-810G/Method516.6/ Procedure IV military grade equipment)



— Highlights —

4G             3G             WiFi           BT            GPS            Camera


— Other Options —

Barcode     QR Code     RFID      NFC     ID Card     Face ID


Case Reference


Yew Chung International School (耀中國際學校), is a leading international school with over 20 campuses around the world, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and the Silicon Valley. Yew Chung International School takes their campus security and access control system very seriously and this reflected in their superior level of management efficiency of their global campus network.The school’s unique multicultural and bilingual approach to education, with a focus on both English and Chinese language learning, is highly regarded worldwide and helps distinguish their students in a globally competitive environment.


Frog @ YCIS Hong Kong


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