Big Data Analytics: Transforming Data into Intelligence

How can FaceX analytics help you?
We believe that with the right tools, data can be transformed into valuable intelligence.


FaceX analytics is an intelligent data analysis platform that can be deployed to different situations to help you extract valuable insight for your business, for example shopping malls, events, museums, casinos, retail and education.

FaceX analytics works by measuring the quality of relationship between a target audience (e.g. a customer or visitor) and the point of interest (e.g. a store or an event booth).


For retail application, FaceX analytics uses A.I. algorithm to calculate the connection between the mall, the customers and the stores. By tracking the customers, we know where, and how long, shoppers spend in the mall and in each store. The data collected can be used to calibrate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Foot Traffic Counts, Proximity Traffic, and Capture Rate. These metrics in turn help mall owners accurately calibrate the optimal rent for each store and make better decisions about future investments.


Transform your data into intelligence
The arrival of big data analysis has made the ability to collect and understand a high volume of data effortless and cost effective. Never before has high-quality and targeted visitor data be so easily obtainable for small businesses and non-profit organizations.


With our comprehensive FaceX analytics platform you can better plan for your future and calibrate your decision making much more accurately.


FaceX analytics is an Intelligent Data Analytics Platform developed using cutting edge A.I. technology and our superior FaceX face recognition technology. Incorporating the latest A.I. and biometric technologies, FaceX analytics can help you transform your big data into invaluable useful data and unlock your full business potential.


    Real-Time Heat Map                                                                                                Aggregate Data with One Click


Big Data Analytics

“ Transforming Data into Intelligence ”



  1. Gain valuable insight on your customers and tenants with headcount, real-time heat maps showing visitors location, live movements and duration of stay;
  2. Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing events and promotional activities in your shopping mall;
  3. Better calibrate rental strategies and lease terms backed by solid data and statistics;
  4. Review the changes in flow of visitors after adjustments in mall layout design, renovation, events or special activities at the shopping mall. Analyze the cost effectiveness of your projects and investments;
  5. Enhance the security capabilities of your shopping mall with the latest A.I. technology。



FaceX analytics collects live data via CCTV cameras and carries out data analysis on-the-go. The result is an impressive range of report output from visitor numbers, data by zones, VIP analysis, customer behavior and more.

FaceX analytics can be integrated into your existing CCTV system*, thereby providing a simple and cost effective solution.


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Main Features


Visitor Analytics

Real-time heat maps and data analysis of visitors by demographics, gender and age


Visitor Tracking

Visitor location tracking in real time with live tracing on e-Map


VIP Lists

Customize VIP and blacklist face database and get notified when they visit


Statistical Reports

Detailed statistical charts and reports by e.g. location, time, gender, age, VIPs


Event Management

Simple and speedy face registration for events and eventual statistical reports



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