Integrated’s Latest FaceX Access “FXA” Tablets

Introducing our FaceX Access “FXA” range of A.I. enabled face recognition smart tablets for access control security and attendance.


Our FaceX Access range is adapted to work smoothly and automatically with your door access system and can instantly identify a pre-registered person across any connected devices or entrance gates according to your pre-set requirements. Our FaceX Access face recognition access control system is used in many different industries throughout Hong Kong and can easily streamline your security workflow.


One key strength of our FaceX Access tablets is its unparalleled liveness detection ability which effectively eliminates the risk of unauthorized access and deception. In addition, all of our systems support IC smart cards in parallel. This allows for an extremely flexible and powerful dual factor security access control system tailored specifically to suit your needs.
When combined with our entrance control systems such as speedgates, you can build a simple but fortified security barrier for whatever project you have in mind. Some examples include office building entrances, construction sites, school and university campuses, airports and event access control.


Whether you are looking for an innovative security solution or would like to us to give you a quotation, please feel free to give us a call

on (852) 2143 7288 for our Hong Kong office. You can find our Regional Offices contact details here.