FaceX Intelligent Face Recognition @ School Campus!

Today we would like to share with you a fantastic piece of news from our Hong Kong office!

Recently, we have been working closely with a primary school in Hong Kong on a new A.I. face recognition attendance project. The goal was to help the school design a brand new attendance system using face recognition technology.

One of the main challenges the school faced was that out of its 500 students, a great proportion of their students belonged to different countries and continents. As traditional face recognition systems are known to perform poorly with non-Caucasian and darker skin tones, the school struggled for some time to find a reliable solution for their campus.

To make the problem even more complex, faces of children between the age of 6 and 12 are some of the most difficult faces to track and identify. This is because compared to faces of adults, facial features of children and adolescence are changing over time as they grow, making it a tough job for standard face recognition systems to keep up.



We are therefore excited to share with you that after considering a number of different technical aspects and functions, the school finally decided to choose Integrated’s FaceX as their new solutions provider for the entire school!The new system will be rolled out this month!

One of the key highlights from this experience is that out of all of the different brands and systems the school reviewed, only Integrated’s FaceX system managed to pass the school’s rigorous testing and requirements. This is again an example of the quality of our systems and solutions.

Built with industry leading A.I. technology, FaceX is equipped with industry leading accuracy rate and system performance. Its versatile tools have been very well received by educational institutions and organizations.


FaceX 5 Key Highlights


Artificial Intelligence ╳ Face Recognition =

Intelligent Face Recognition System


Advance A.I. Algorithm

Simultaneous comparison of 106 facial elements resulting in an astonishingly high accuracy rate.

Fast Recognition*

Face recognition time of 0.3 seconds.

Powerful Real-Time Alerts

Automatic identification of abnormal activities, preset high-risk groups and real-time alarm.

Professional Security Level

Unique liveness detection technology.

Advanced A.I. Technology

Utilizes A.I. deep learning to distinguish between age, race, sex, facial features and facial expressions.

*Total system reaction time will depend on structure and quality of customer communication system.


To perfectly satisfy all application requirements of users with different functional combinations.