Coronavirus Smart Campus Response Plan: Prepare and Protect

How should schools plan for the upcoming resumption of classes against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic?

So how can schools easily monitor health situation of students and staff every day, and monitor the temperature of everyone quickly without taking up learning time?


iScholar Smart Campus Management can help schools respond to the coronavirus threat with A.I.


Our iScholar Smart Campus Management platform provides a variety of powerful tools to help tackle the risk of coronavirus and other diseases. These include thermal temperature scans, face recognition, advance temperature monitoring and alarms, accurate real-time reporting, push notification, track and trace and other comprehensive modules. Schools can instantly detect and isolate small outbreaks of abnormal temperature, the consistent rapid screening of students further strengthens the school’s epidemic prevention management and lowers the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. These in turn help maintain the normal running of the school whilst effectively protecting the lives, health, and safety of teachers and students.


Non-contact infrared temperature scan

Campus coronavirus prevention and control solution




Attendance for students and teachers


Supports campus information


Encourage a collaborative culture


Supports elective course systems








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