Car Parks

At Integrated, we have extensive experience in designing and engineering all-in-one car parking solutions for businesses and smart buildings. We offer solutions with biometric readers, smart cards, pin codes, proximity readers, and car license plate recognition.

More than just a Car Park

A well designed car parking system can be a successful revenue generator while providing a safe and secure car parking environment to staff and patrons. 

Our car park solutions are design by combining the latest car park technology with years of industry experience. Our systems enable authorized vehicles and users to raise barriers, open gates, record times of entry and exit, and make electronic payments. 

The system can be fully integrated with time and attendance recording machines, HR personnel database for staff parking and CCTV recording systems.

Core Integrated Car Park Solutions

At Integrated, we believe that a successful Car Park Access Control System must deliver safety, efficiency, simplicity and reliability.

Our core package includes:

  1. Car Park Access Control System fully integrated within your central management system – User access right profiles can be assigned directly to the car parking platform, cutting down administrative complexity 
  2. Fully automatic Smart License Plate Recognition – fast and accurate
  3. Industry leading Parking Guidance System ensuring a smooth and efficient parking experience
  4. First class Parking Management System with sophisticated attendance and shifts customization for staff
  5. CCTV Cameras Surveillance System giving all round security coverage to car parks where corners and pillars often make it difficult to monitor comprehensively 

In addition to our core package, our unique R&D capabilities mean that we are able to tailor a management system to suit special requirements that your car park may have. 



A recent example where we helped our client resolve their concern

Client’s issue:  The client is a grand opera theater frequently accommodating over 2000 patrons per performance. After each performance, patron vehicles frequently led to serious congestion at the car park exit. The client turned to Integrated for a Car Park Solution:

Our solution:

  1. After visiting the site and examining the existing system, our team of consultants identified the root cause of the congestion was the slow payment speed of the existing system. The slow payment processing created a bottleneck at the exit barriers. 
  2. Our R&D team designed an innovative solution making use of the latest mobile payment technologies.
  3. The mobile devices can be deployed when needed to significantly boost the number of payment terminals at the car park exit.
  4. This means that up to 3 times the number of vehicles can complete payment at the same time, thereby significantly reducing the waiting time for all patrons.
  5. The client together with our team tested the new system over a number of times and our new system consistently hit the client’s goal of evacuating all vehicles within 40 minutes of the curtain falling on stage.

We are proud to say that we continue to receive a very positive feedback from the client. 




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