Our latest security solution systems are equipped with cutting-edge facial recognition technology boasting an industry leading accuracy rate of above 99%.

Equipped with the latest professional-grade biometric technology, our ultra-accurate FaceX facial recognition and fingerprint security systems work seamlessly with our powerful state-of-the-art management security systems, including access control, attendance, patrol, data analytics, mobile patrol, CCTVs, catering, electronic payment, building management, parking, crowd control, alarms, and green technology, to provide a genuinely comprehensive and cutting-edge security system capable of being tailored exactly to your organization’s requirements.

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Key Features

  • Facial recognition capability can be installed with existing CCTV cameras, mobile devices or biometric readers
  • Real-time e-Map target route tracing
  • Intelligent data analytics and heat maps
  • Automatic tracing of moving or static faces with instant verification against central database
  • Simultaneous comparison of 106 facial elements resulting in an astonishingly low error rate of below 0.1%
  • Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm accurately analyses different facial attributes to distinguish between age, race, facial hair/beard, scaring, expression and so on
  • System can be set to flag high-risk groups based on facial attributes  
  • Intelligent alarm system alerts security office of abnormal activities  
  • Alarm is linked to video output for instant visual monitoring
  • Automatic car license plate and car model identification through smart integrated system
  • Precise tracking of blacklisted vehicles